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Wilful Weight and Women

Women being the most beautiful and delicate creatures of the entire cosmos yet still the most complex ones. Their bodies are even more complexed than men, bearing and undergoing all the hormonal changes from puberty to pregnancy and from pregnancy to menopause. These inevitable, bizarre and rapid changes of the entire hormonal makeup expose their bodies to a variety of dilemmas. One of these major problems includes obesity and over-weightiness which not only complicate their lives physically but also mentally. Women are strong, they are kind and soft but their bodies go very hard on them putting them in the ugliest situations and emotions of insecurity, self-hatred, and depression.  These stubborn extra pounds of weight not only leaves a negative mark on appearance but also put their bodies under a diverse range of secondary complications like high blood pressure, diabetes, fatty liver changes and attacks of angina. Neither a man nor a woman deserves any of this. They deserve a body that is fit, fine and free. Having a perfectly healthy body is everything and, for which you should take every possible measure.

What is VFX Body?

In television, VFX stands for visual effects but there it speaks for a perfect visual effect of a feminine body. VFX Body is an astonishing product that is neither a synthetic supplement nor a high generation pill but it is a guide that introduces you to some surprising and scientifically approved facts of your body especially of a woman’s body and provides you with a natural and easy to go strategy for overcoming your excess body fat and, to have an attractive, lean and healthy body.

The Man behind this remarkable discovery

John Barban– the name behind this amazing one hell of discovery also, the renowned and best-selling author of many fitness and diet programs. A master in Biology, Physiology, and Nutrition from the University of Guelph. An experienced consultant with working experience in the health and sports supplement industries. He compiled all his 10-years constant research and work on women’s metabolism and nutrition in the shape of VFX Body, giving detailed and easy home-made solutions for weight loss and stubborn fat extermination.

VFX Body being honest and upfront

The most unique and amazing fact about the VFX Body system is that it gives no false hopes to the people and its customers. If you are looking for some of these miraculous over-night unsafe and false temporaries like,

  • Fad celebrity diets
  • Some gimmick weight loss supplements
  • The rumors like the number of calories you take and the food choices you make have nothing to do with your fat content.
  • The crazy magic pills allowing you to eat anything and still promising a lean body, which you deep down also found stupid.

All these things don’t even exist because losing weight is no magic it is a whole process of effort and devotion for your body. If you still want any of this then, unfortunately, this system is not for you. It is only for women who are consistent, honest and practical about their bodies. If you are one of those strong women then VFX Body is the best choice you have made.

VFX Body revealing the scientifically researched, tried and proven facts of a woman’s body

  • The relation between metabolism and body weight

Metabolism is the major process of building and breaking down of substances to produce the energy required for the body to function properly. The speed of metabolism defines whether the food you eat is converted into energy or stored as fat. People blessed with a fast metabolism can enjoy their lives to the fullest without even worrying about their body weights. People having slow metabolism face a metabolic hell because of the unpleasant piling up of fat in their bodies even after doing diets and exercises.

  • What is it that controls the speed of metabolism?

With the immense progress in science and medicine, researchers have found that there is a single master hormone in both men and women that controls the speed of metabolism and indirectly controls 100% of your body’s ability to burn fat. This master hormone is- LEPTIN. The good news for women is that they have significantly high levels of leptin in their bodies than men.

  • The working of Leptin

The amount of leptin in our bodies is directly proportional to the speed of metabolism means high leptin levels speeds up metabolism signaling body to burn fat. Whereas, the low leptin levels slows down your metabolic speed signaling body to store fat.

  • Why women struggle much more to lose body fat than men?

It is a trick question that why it is hard for women to lose weight despite their high leptin content. There are two reasons for this unfair criterion of losing weight:

  1. Although, women have way more leptin than men their bodies are three times less responsive to leptin signals means that the body is not completely utilizing the fat-burning potential of leptin. This condition is called Leptin Resistance.
  • Another reason is when you are on a diet, your leptin levels drop significantly low than men. Thus, women experience more weight loss plateaus suffering rebound weight gain after you stop dieting, piling the fat back on even when you are eating nothing.
  • The effect of a woman’s genetic makeup on leptin

Nature has made it difficult for women to have a perfect slim body and lose weight. The genetics of a woman’s body causes a resisting effect on leptin because of the demands of childbearing and nurturing by storing fat to provide energy, warmth, and protection to the baby. That is why losing baby weight can be painfully difficult.

The solution – VFX Body offering a satisfying, natural and sustainable weight loss key to women

Your body and genetics might not concern about your physique but the VFX Body system does. Therefore, it has come up with a fast, easy and enjoyable fat loss plan for every woman whether she a housewife or an ever-busy businesswoman.

  • Metabolic Override-The wonder solution

VFX Body offers you a system of Metabolic Override that holds the key to unleash your full-fat burning potential that your genetics has kept locked away for life. The simple and easy solutions are:

  1. 5 wonder veggies that trigger the fat-burning hormone and the body to speed up the metabolism. These veggies include Organicspinach, Kale, Red bell peppers, Brocolli and Chillie peppers.
  2. A simple cooking technique that will enhance the effects of veggies.
  3. Tried and true 1 simple step by step sustainable fat loss plan for every body type.
  4. A 12-week nutrition plan that will boost up your metabolism and making you lose fat from your problem areas like thighs, buttocks, belly and love handles.
  • Whatever the condition- effective to all

These solutions are effective and valid for any woman facing any problems regarding her stubborn body fat.

  1. Effective even if you have little to no time.
  2. Effective even in thyroid problems.
  3. Effective against terrible genetics.
  4. Effective against slow metabolism.
  5. Effective even if you have tried every possible remedy to lose weight.
  • Know about super exciting and effective facts and formulas

VFX Body not only guides you about your diet plan but it also reveals some special facts that you have never thought will assist you in burning fat. Know about,

  1. One odd herb that will ignite your fat-burning process.
  2. One cheat food that will increase the leptin sensitivity up to 52%
  3. Foods that work against leptin and will only cause you to gain more weight.

The amazing, affordable and innovative bonus offers, packages, and guides available at your doorstep

You might be thinking that this super guide will cost you a fortune as the author is a highly known consultant and costs about 500 per hour at different consultancy firms but you are wrong this package is made available to every one of you within your budgets. This is a golden product and after knowing all the splendid deals and packages you will not believe your eyes as it is offering you a lot more. These brilliant offers include,

  • VFX Fat Loss System- the book and the digital version – This guide is not only available in hard copy but also it is available in digital versions accessible to every smartphone. So, that you are only a fingertip away from the benefits of VFX Body.
  • VFX work-out videos – Not only helping you with your diet plan but VFX is offering you the perfect and easy exercise guidelines suitable according to your body and physical capability. It includes over 100 video coaching lessons from the author himself guiding you about the exercises which you can perform at the comfort of your house without any gym memberships.
  • VFX Virtual Nutritionist – Another unique and innovative offer you are getting from the VFX Body system is its Custom Nutritional Software. This software is designed specifically for you to guide you about your daily caloric intake and macronutrient break down based on your food preferences and budget.
  • Nutritional Tool Box at fingertips – The Nutrition Program Manual will guide you about all custom meal plans including advance education on best food choices.
  • Access to Customer Community – Immersion is a customer community program of VFX that includes all the former and present customers of VFX and the author himself. This community is formed to help you throughout your journey to support you at every step of your transformation. Not only this, but this is also filled with lots of training videos and podcasts.

Now, a shocking revelation is that all of these astonishing offers and packages are available for only about $37 plus shipping and handling.


All the benefits you will be availing from the VFX Body system include

  • A perfect lean body by the customized nutritional guidance from the expert.
  • One simple easy to follow step by step viable fat loss plan.
  • A boosting strategy for your metabolism.
  • A flatter stomach and curvy body by following just the simple yet powerful strategies.
  • No terrible conditions of food cravings and weight loss plateaus.
  • Easy and effective exercise manuals and video guidelines suitable for your body.
  • 100% money-back guarantee offer within 60 days if you don’t find this product effective.
  • Easy availability, affordable rates, and super generous offers.
  • Expert guidance from the author himself.
  • No need to use any pills, supplements, powders or potions.
  • Access to the customer community.

Success Stories

About thousands of women across America and all over the world have benefitted from the VFX Body system. Some of the success stories to share are

  • Brooke was so surprised after looking at her transformation. At first, she doubted the program but when she saw the results herself she planned to stick to VFX.
  • Shanon used VFX techniques during her third trimester she tried the first phase work-outs then the shorter work-outs. She remained active in the community interacting with other pregnant ladies and felt the VFX perspective. She loved the podcasts for delving into the psychology of weight loss.
  • Sherah said she has never experienced something this much effective and was never able to see such results until she found VFX.
  • Molly was an athlete at her college but after college, she started gaining weight and experienced a lot of health and hormonal problems but then she learned about VFX and tried the work-outs and diet plans. Now she is not only fit and fine but also she plays tennis.


VFX is a golden deal that can cause no harm to anyone as it is providing everything based on facts and truth. The natural guides and easy work-outs advised by the expert himself is the best thing anyone could ever ask for. This only requires your seriousness and devotion towards a healthy body and ultimately to a healthy life.

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