Unlock Your Hip Flexors – A professional guide for strong, tough and energetic muscles

Muscular Pains – A serious condition

With our hectic and tiring lifestyles, most of us struggle with muscular pains and early body fatigue which not only results in laziness but also affects our sleep patterns, moods, and daily routines. These little changes in our body, which we ignore very easily sometimes by taking high dosage pain killers and muscle relaxants results in severe complications of muscular neuropathy and atrophy.

 Ignorant pains can make you weak

You may have a proper celebrity lifestyle, you are an early bird,regular workouts are a share of your daily routine, but still, you suffer from lack of concentration, body pains and sometimes the ignored conditions of anorexia nervosa bring frustration and anxiety in your life. Sometimes our bad posture which almost every one of us does not take into consideration is also a cause of serious health conditions. All these little pains and conditions are consuming you negatively and leaving a harsh impact not only on your physical, social and personal life but also on your psychological well being. If any of these conditions seem relatable to you and if you face any sort of muscular weakness and pain then put your mind at ease because we have got your back.

Hip Flexors

Are you tired of your early fatigue?

Are you tired of having constant back, hip and leg pains?

Do you get tired after walking some steps and climbing some stairs?

Worry no more!

Give a perfect tone, strength, and vitality to your hip flexors.

Introducing “Unlock Your Hip Flexors”- a key to all the exercises making your overburdened muscles more strong

The muscles are the major supporting tissues in our bodies that are highly burdened and are always in the state of action. These muscles are responsible for every internal or external movement of our bodies. They not only allow us to walk, sit, eat and speak but they also bear the weight of our entire bodies.

Muscles of Lower limb – The strongest and the most overworked of all

The muscles of our lower limbs are responsible for almost all the movements and weight-bearing actions of our bodies. Thes most burdened muscles of our lower limbs are found in the anterior thigh region.

Muscles of Anterior Thigh

The major muscles of the anterior thigh are divided as

  • Flexors of Hip Joint
  • Extensors of Knee Joint

The highly burdened and vulnerable muscles are the flexors of the hip. These muscles get easily fatigued and due to improper exercises, they are prone to damage causing severe pain and muscular problems affecting your walk and tone.

Hip Flexors

Flexors of Hip

The flexors of the Hip joint include 5 major muscles that work in collaboration with each other to flex and stabilize the hip joint. These muscles are,

  • Pectineus – extending from superior rami of the pubis to the lesser trochanter of the femur.
  • Iliacus – extending from iliac fossa to femur
  • Psoas Major – extending from spine of T12- L5 vertebra to the lesser trochanter of the  femur
  • Psoas Minor – extending from T12-L1 vertebra to iliopubic eminence
  • Sartorius – extending from anterior superior iliac spine to the upper surface of the tibia.

These flexors are responsible for medial and lateral rotation of the hip and thigh as well as stabilize and flex the hip joint. The most vital and strongest flexor among these flexors is the Psoas muscle.

Hip Flexors

Functions of Psoas Muscle

As a matter of interest, it is the major muscle that not only joins the lower limb to torso but also stabilizes this portion of our bodies. A healthy psoas muscle supports your hip and body in the following ways

  • It maintains the perfect alignment of your body.
  • It helps in medial rotation of the hip joint.
  • It is a strong flexor of the hip joint.
  • It assists other flexors in laterally rotating the thigh.
  • The Psoas major and minor work conjointly with iliacus and they are often referred to as Iliopsoas.
  • It helps perform various movements involving flexion and medial rotation.

What is the main threat to your hip flexors especially to Psoas muscle?

No matter who you are an activeathlete, professional fitness trainer or a person in their 60s tight hip flexorsis a threat to your everyday productivity and fitness. The main threat to your flexors, especially to your psoas muscle, is sitting. The constant sitting makes our flexors weak and vulnerable to damage.


Most of the jobs today require computer-based works due to which many people spend hours sitting in front of the desks doing paper works and inputting various numbers and data statistics. This excessive sitting not only makes us obese and hypertensive but also leaves a negative mark on our muscle strength and vitality. The muscles which are subjected to damage first are our hip flexors especially the psoas muscle.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program- provides you with all the simple and easy exercises which will maintain the normal muscle tone of your hip flexors

Experience an energetic lifestyle from just doing some simple exercises. Here you go, some simplelife-changing exercises you need for a perfect physique, strong and painless muscles.

This program is designed by a kinesiologist and injury specialist Rick Kaselj to help the victimsof muscle pains.

Everything you need to know about Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program- the pros, benefits, packages, and offers

The Packages:

This program includes a package of 10 simple yet effective exercises only for $10 if you order it now availing the limited time bonus offer. After that, it will be available at the affordable rates of $50.

  • This manual will help you to get to know more about your hip flexors. It is a descriptive guide about hip flexor exercises with proper illustrations.
  • We have filmed all these exercises with a demonstration from Rick on how to properly target the muscle for better results.
  • A detailed guide for your hamstrings is also available which will also assist you in maintaining a healthy back and perfect posture.
  • This package guides you regarding a full plan of your perfect diet that will support your muscles making them strong and full.

The Pros

The benefits of this program are

  • Easy access- This program provides you easy access to all the packages in your smartphones.
  • Money-back guarantee offer-The money-back guarantee offer is a plus point to this product.
  • Consultation from the expert himself- You can easily learn the techniques with expert Rickand can clear all your queries just by sending an email.
  • The better DVD version-With the help of the DVD, you can properly implement the instructions as mentioned in the manual.
  • Time-saving and effective- It is not that much time consuming and will take 10-15 minutes from your busy schedule. It requires no extra effort or strength.
  • A confidence booster- This program will help in your confidence building because of the improved posture and fit body.
  • Improved productivity and concentration- This program will end up making you the strongest and most productive person you never had been.


  • You have to be careful while performing these exercises because your one mistake can make you suffer a lot.
  • Results may vary according to your body; you can get frequent results but, in some cases, it took multiple sessions for the required output.


I think the trouble caused by the locking of your hip flexors is quite big and sensitive. The vulnerability and urgency of this condition should be understood timely. In a nutshell, this package is functional and at the same time very satisfying. If you or your any loved one suffers from any kind of hip pain or any back problem you should opt for this program instead of ignoring it or spending your precious money on un-natural pain killers and therapies.

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