Folexin – A Natural Supporter of your Hair Health

Natural Hair Growth

Hairs are important for the body and beauty as well. Normal hair growth is 0.5 to 1.7 cm per month on an average. Normally male hair growth is greater than the females. Nobody wants to go bald and everybody wants perfect healthy and nourished hairs. To keep your hair healthy, nothing is better than the natural ingredient provided to us, as they do not have any side-effects.

What is natural hair growth?

Before understanding what should we take to nourish our hair. It’s important to understand what natural hair growth is.

The natural hair growth cycle has three stages.

  • Anagen: It is an active hair growth phase, also referred to as “Growth Phase” and lasts for about 2 to 6 years differing into Asian Descendents which is about 7 years.
  • Catagen: While, on the other hand, the catagen phase is short-lived and is also referred to as “Transition Phase”. It typically lasts for about 10 ten days. This is a transition that the original hair is making room for a new hair follicle.
  • Telogen: It’s the resting phase or stationary phase and lasts for about 5 to 6 weeks. In this stage, hair is released from the hair follicle and falls out while the rest of the follicle sits patiently for about 3 months before the entire process is repeated.
Hair Health

Common Hair Problems

Let’s talk about some of the common hair problems that are faced by almost everyone once in their lifetime.

  • Hair fall: The common problem that is irrespective of gender and is faced by everyone equally. Although it is normal to shed some hair every day since it can also be caused by medications, stress, hair styling, and heat products it can lead to thinning of hair.
  • Dandruff: The white scaly particles at the root of the hair can be caused by poor diet, infection or a dull metabolism that is feared by many. Nobody likes those white patches on your shirts or shoulders.
  • Split-ends: Over-brushing hair, too much heat and a lack of good conditioner often lead to split-ends. Although it can be treated by a professional trim or changing your hair products but is a nightmare for many.
  • Dry/ Greasy Hair: Over washing your hair, excessive shampooing may lead to dry hair, on the other hand not washing your hair too often or excessive oil that is produced by our hair follicles leads to greasy hair. They both are a problem that should be taken care of.
  • Gray Hair: Many people want to get rid of gray hair as they are brittle than other strands and can also cause damage to other hair of the body.

Frizzy hair, dull hair, color damaged hair, heat damaged hair are also some of the problems that are faced by some people and want to get rid of these problems.

Folexin – Savior of Your Hair

Love the perfect healthy and long hair? Do you want to get rid of your hair problems? Here is a simple, yet a natural solution for you. Folexin is a hair supplement that will support your natural hair growth with natural ingredients only. Yes, you read it right. Natural ingredients only, which are devoid of any side-effects. With all the natural ingredients and a healthy schedule for your hair will soon wash out your hair problems with the perfect blend of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts which are essential for healthy hair.

Hair Health

Authorization of the Product

 Are you skeptical about the product? No need to worry as the product is made in the USA and is authorized by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and follows all the guidelines provided by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). All high-quality products are tested and verified.

Folexin: Ingredients and the Benefits

A healthy diet is essential for your strong shiny and healthy hair. Certain nutrients are essential for your hair growth. If you are not getting enough nutrients, your hair will certainly show you the effects. Folexin is a simple supplement and will provide you with all the necessary nutrients.

  • Biotin: Biotin is commonly B7 or Vitamin H, part of the vitamin B family and is a water-soluble vitamin. Biotin along with sulfur in the body plays a vital role in supporting the hair growth cycle. Nowadays it is also commonly used as a supplement for healthy hair, skin, and nails. Not enough biotin in the body, more hair problems. It is scientifically proven that biotin improves the body’s keratin infrastructure. Dr. Zeichner explains that biotin deficiency may lead you to weak hairs and nails.
  • Fo-Ti: The native of Fo-Ti is China and is used by the Chinese people for ages. It is used for general health and anti-aging and also proved to be beneficial in the hair growth process. It also helps with gray hair.

All the vitamins and minerals are blended into a supplement that improves your hair health overall. Vitamins A, C, D3, E, Vitamin B complex, folic acid, MgO, ZnO, calcium carbonate are essential for hair health and you will find all these supplements in the right proportion which are needed by our hair every day.

Customer Feedbacks

The product is used by many customers and was successful in pleasing the consumers.

  • Customers like Tina and Max were very satisfied with the product as it helped them with their hair fall problems. It helped R Turner as her hair was shedding a lot after her breastfeeding period and she was delighted with the results.
  • Poppy said it as “best hair product” as it helped him regain his hair volume.
  • People love Folexin because it worked as a hair supplement for them. There are a lot of praises of their good customer service, fast delivery, reasonable price and most importantly it successfully dealt with all the hair problems of the customers.
  • People also praised it as it provided them with long and luscious hair devoid of hair problems. 


  • It is available at a reasonable price with discount offers and without prescription.
  • It is made of all the natural ingredients and provides you with all the nutrients which are a daily requirement of your hair.
  • As it contains all the ingredients which are natural, no need to fear the side-effects.
  • The product works for adults and is not a unisex product.
  • The product helps you improve your natural hair growth.
  • It helps you with thick, strong and shiny hair and helps you cope with the hair problems.
  • It is delivered at your doorstep.
  • All the ingredients are high quality, tested and verified.


  • It is only a supporter of the hair growth process and is not a cure for any hair disease.
  • Don’t expect a miracle that the product will heal your hair damage overnight.


The price for 1 bottle of Folexin is $24.95 which contains 60 capsules, a dosage of one month.


If you purchase 2 bottles i.e 120 capsules and dosage of two months, you are going to get a discount of $4.94 means the price will be reduced to $44.96 instead of $49.90.

What about 4 bottles? Yes if you purchase 3 bottles you will get 1 bottle free and a discount of $34.85 which means the price of 4 bottles is $89.90.


Hair problems are extremely frustrating although it’s not a grave physical danger. There are many alternatives for hair solutions and many companies would offer you different offers. This product is different from others because of its natural, simple and easy-to-use. Everything is scientifically verified and all your concerns are taken care of by the product makers. Make sure to try this product if you are looking forward to better and strong hair.

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