A dietary Supplement – To mute your tinnitus

The scary story of tinnitus- a deadly irritating and roaring sound heard only by the sufferers

The story of tinnitus is not only scary but also gut-wrenching giving us the thrills just by thinking of the pain and suffering of people struggling with tinnitus. We can never measure and feel the pain of these people who are living with an irritating and harsh sound constantly buzzing their ears even in a complete pin drop silence. We get disturbed and can’t sleep if our neighbours or family members are making noises but these people have to deal with their sound coming from nowhere but from them, disturbing and annoying no one but their selves. I can’t imagine the mental state of those people suffering from an ever ringing sound in their ears and not having a moment or even a second of silence. No one can feel and understand the amount of upsetting pain and the intensity of that troubling sound except the sufferers themselves. They are living a hell of a life in which they are forced to hear and crash their minds with different uncontrollable frustrating sounds.

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the sensation of sound or ringing in the ear even in the absence of a physical agent producing sound. Tinnitus is itself not a disease but it is an alarming sign or indication of something much bigger going inside your brain or your ear.

What are the types of tinnitus?

Tinnitus is classified majorly into two types,

  • Subjective type- The commonest type which can only be heard by the patient himself and is a result of either an ear infection or a disturbance in the transmission of a signal from ear to the brain.
  • Objective type- This type of tinnitus is heard by the doctor as well during examination. It may be a result of a blood vessel, bone or muscular problems.

Tinnitus much more than ringing in the ear- the causes, risk factors, and underlying mechanisms

Tinnitus could be mild and acute or it could be chronic. If you are experiencing tinnitus for less than 7 days then it might be a cause of meningitis but if your tinnitus is for more than 7 days then you are unfortunately a chronic sufferer and you might be developing some serious underlying issues. Some of the major causes, risk factors and underlying mechanisms for tinnitus are,

  • Damaged auditory cortex- The auditory cortex a part of the temporal lobe of the brain which receives and transmits signals related to sound is damaged and mixes the impulses creating the sounds of buzzing and ringing in your head and ear.
  • Irregularity in synapses- A disturbance in impulse transmission from one brain cell to another which results in miscommunication and creates a buzz. It is like the communication lines are jammed, broken or overheated producing alarming sounds of ringing and wheezing.
  • Damaged ear hair cells- A damage to inner ear hair cells can trigger abnormal nerve impulses to the brain which are interpreted by the brain into abnormal humming sounds.
  • Excessive earwax- Excess accumulation of ear was can damage your eardrum and result in tinnitus.
  • Abnormal bone changes- The soft bones of ear becoming hard due to osteoporosis or other bone-related conditions can cause tinnitus.
  • Age, muscular or blood vessel problems or exposure to medications, loud sounds and chronic illnesses- The most common risk factor for tinnitus is age. Other risk factors are blood vessel or muscle injuries, spasms and diseases. Besides excessive exposure to some medications and loud sounds can also contribute to tinnitus.

The hidden reality and scam of pharmaceutical firms, government, and health care providers

Before we proceed on to this amazing supplement that guarantees you a tinnitus free life by using only the natural formula which is used by higher government officials and the brainiacs of MENSA I would like to enlighten you with the biggest scam network going behind all these tinnituses curing dangerous medications, painful ear flushing treatments and surgeries, annoying hearing aids and useless sound therapies. All these things are nothing but just a fraud which benefits you nothing but the government and medical firms a profit of billions of dollars. Everyone suffering from chronic or even mild tinnitus gets desperate to try anything for any amount just for the sake of getting some peaceful and silent moments in their heads. All these things will give you nothing but,

  • Hearing aids which are not only expensive but also annoying to wear
  • Anti-depressants, anxiety relievers and sleep drugs will only zone you out and will do nothing to cure the cause behind your pain.
  • Herbal remedies and acupuncture will only provide you a temporary calming effect but are not long-lasting treatments plus they are highly expensive as well.
  • Surgeries and sound therapies are not always reliable and promising just making your life risky.

Introduction, discovery story and the man behind Sonus Complete

Gregory Peters- a 56-year old man from Standford, California who was a medical librarian at the biggest US medical university. He discovered and invented this simplest and effective formula for curing tinnitus when he suffered from tinnitus and after losing all his hopes from all sorts of treatments and therapies he even tried to take his life but stops for the sake of his family. After this, he tried and worked hard emailed every brain specialist, researcher, and expert and finally got a reply from none other than a brainiac of MENSA- Dr. Steven Campbell. He told Peter the secret formula of treating tinnitus which was to the access of government officials, MENSA members and important people as this formula will put a pause to all the billions coming from pharmaceutical firms in the shape of tinnitus treatment medications. He told about all the powerful ingredients that keep the brains of MENSA members charged, rejuvenating and repairing their brain cells to work efficiently. With his help and knowledge, Peter managed to recreate and summarize this formula into a simple pill form.

The 5 steps to a healthy brain- The ingredients their working and their effects on curing tinnitus

The 5 simple steps will guide you about the ingredients and their effects on brain working. This formula requires a special and calculated proportion of ingredients to give the best possible results against tinnitus and brain disorders.

Step. 01- Return of clear Hearing along with the brain network repair

  • The first aid duo that is used to lower the sounds from the very first day is Hibiscus and Hawthorn berry.
  • Hibiscus cools down the nervous system and hawthorn berry relieves panic attacks.
  • The special species of hibiscus and hawthorn used in the supplement are effective for treating tinnitus.

Step. 02- Regain a quiet mind and durable brain network

  • Olive Leaves acts as a protector of the brain and ear protecting them from the fatal diseases of these organs.
  • They work slow but works very efficiently in making the brain network strong.

Step. 03- Stronger memory and repaired brain cells

  • Vitamin B3 or Niacin has the capability of repairing DNA hence your whole body. It heals and repairs the broken cells of the brain.
  • Garlic will help you fight your dementia and amnesia.
  • This is the phase from where you will start enjoying comfortable sleep and a healthy body.

Step. 04- Supercharged Brain

  • This is the step from where all the ingredients will be working on full boost making your brain get supercharged.
  • Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, and Buchu leaves make your brain grow to prevent it from getting smaller with age.

Step. 05- the extra boost

  • Green tea, juniper berry, uvaursi and Vitamin C add-ons to the supplement will clean your brain from toxins and forms a protective covering against tinnitus and other brain disorders.

The complete package of pros, benefits, affordable rates and bonus offers by Sonus Complete

Getting rid of your chronic and terrible tinnitus is one of the biggest benefits of this supplement. Still, there are a lot more benefits which you will be availing include,

  • Get rid of your tinnitus and say a lifetime goodbye to all brain disorders including memory loss disorders.
  • Applicable and effective to any age, gender and body type.
  • Get rid of expensive doctor appointments, numerous lab tests, ineffective medications, and painful surgeries
  • Get a sharp and active mind with increased focus and better IQ levels.
  • Get a huge reduction in your hearing loss problems as well.
  • The 100% natural and effective ingredients will cause no side effects and will leave a positive change in your body.
  • The complete and proper dosage guidance is available along with the supplement. All it takes to cure your tinnitus is 2 pills a day giving results within weeks.
  • The affordable prices of $69 for a single bottle and a bonus offer of 6 bottles for $294, 3 bottles for $177 including the shipping and delivery charges are available.
  • The 60 days money-back guarantee offer is also a plus point of the product.
  • No allergy-triggering ingredients are one of the best benefits of this product. The number of ingredients is calculated and precisely added below the allergy-triggering levels.

Few Succes Stories to share

There are a lot of people who believed in Sonus Complete and tried it. They are all now happy and satisfied with the miraculous results. Some of the success stories worth mentioning are:

  • Gregory Peter was the first user of this product and he is an excellent example of the effectiveness and authenticity of the supplement. He cured his tinnitus and is now living a comfortable healthy life.
  • Jeremy Seaton was ready to sacrifice everything to get rid of his tinnitus and after using this pill he was happy to observe the results within just the second week of using it.
  • Billy Brighton a 6-foot tall man cried when his tinnitus was long gone and finally, he was able to feel the calmness of silence and brain tranquility.
  • Anna was overjoyed with excitement when her horrible 7 years of tinnitus was long gone.


The pain of tinnitus is something for which you will try everything just to get rid of it but it is our right and you deserve something which will effectively cure you and help you. Sonus Complete is this product that is giving you everything without asking for anything.

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